What do I need to access  AMCOworld?

AMCOworld has no cost for all children and teachers that attend a school with the AMCO Method. Teachers should contact their school´s coordinator to obtain access to the site.

Students are automatically registered when they purchase their books online and they enter a valid email address at

Registration can also be made at our home page

Who is AMCOworld directed to?

Our target audiences are preschool and elementary school children. Language and content are age appropriate.

Is AMCOworld a safe site?

Yes. AMCOworld is a safe site, content is constantly supervised. Highly trained, on-site staff monitors activity and receives reports of misconduct. There´s no access to external links.

How can I use AMCOworld in my class?

AMCOworld can be a useful tool in the classroom, as it helps in the student´s learning process.

AMCOworld is part of the AMCO Method. If you would like your school to become a part of our growing community, and gain access to this wonderful virtual world, contact us at:

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us at: